Bali Vape – Different Kinds of Vapes

Whether you are looking for a Bali vape product or you want to find the best one for your budget, there are many different kinds of vapes to choose from. These varieties are designed for different types of vapers, so make sure you consider all of the options before you choose your favorite.

Mangorita by Bali CLASS

Choosing a Bali Class e-liquid is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite fruity beverage without the hassle of lugging a bag of ice. They come in a variety of flavors to suit your tastes. You can pick up a pack of mango or orange and lime if you want to make your vape last all day. You may also opt for something a little more exotic like kiwi or pineapple.

The aforementioned Mangorita by Bali CLASS is a mix of mango, orange, and lime. The e-juice isn’t cheap, but it will be a worthwhile investment if you can’t get enough of these tasty fruits. The best part is that the device is a breeze to operate. The battery life is impressive, too. You can expect 2000 puffs of your favorite e-liquid.

Kiwi Berry

Having a sweet and tangy flavour, the kiwi fruit is a cousin of the strawberry. It has a slightly seed nuance that lends its flavor a fleshy texture.

Kiwi Berry is an e-liquid that offers a sweet and tangy flavour. It’s a perfect fruity vape for all day use. It’s also available in nicotine salts, which provide a smooth and intense experience.

The flavours in this vape juice are intense and remarkably flavourful. It’s a blend of kiwis and strawberries that provides a heavenly combination. The formula is based on a 60-40 VG to PG ratio, which helps create small clouds and intense flavors.

Frozen Peach

Considering the price, Bali Vape’s Frozen Peach is a worthy contender for the best e-liquid of the year award. This 650mAh battery powered e-juice delivers on all fronts. While the company is primarily known for its high-end mods and pods, the Frozen Peach has a few tricks up its sleeve.

The Frozen Peach vape is a brew that should be enjoyed by seasoned vapers and newbies alike. With its triumvirate of cool flavors, this is the vape for you. And it will last a long time. The peach-infused e-juice is accompanied by a plethora of other fruity flavors that will leave you feeling refreshed.

Ice Mint

CLASS Ice Mint by Bali is an enticing vape juice. The e liquid boasts a combination of crisp peppermint, lemon juice, and intensely cold menthol. It also has the best flavoring ingredients to boot. The icy menthol combines with a lemon’s brightness to balance out its iciness. The CLASS Ice Mint is the cheapest way to achieve a cool menthol tinge to your e vaporizer.

It’s no wonder that Bali Class’s e-liquids are considered to be some of the smoothest disposable vaping products on the market. This particular e-liquid comes in a 15mL e-liquid pod. It also has a big battery to boot. The 650mAh battery produces a brisk blast while keeping you cool. This is a good match for any vaper looking to kick their nicotine fix.

Pineapple Ice

CLASS Pineapple Ice by Bali is a refreshing and brisk blast of menthol-infused fruity goodness. This e-liquid delivers bright and juicy pineapples with a hint of creaminess to round things off. It has a long shelf life, too, with a 650mAh rechargeable battery. The e-liquid comes in a 50/50 PG/VG ratio, with a nicotine strength of 20mg.

The most interesting aspect of CLASS Pineapple Ice by Bali is the menthol-infused flavor. The minty menthol accentuates the tanginess of the fruit, and the citrus zing of the lemon balances the iciness of the menthol. The flavor is a nice complement to the other tropical e-liquids in the Bali line, and a nice change from the typical fruity flavors.


CLASS Lush Bali Vapes are the perfect way to enjoy your favorite e-liquid flavor with zero hassle. These disposable vape pods come in a variety of flavors, and are manufactured with food-grade ingredients. They are also very convenient, because they are compact, lightweight, and require no recharging. They are the best choice when it comes to managing nicotine cravings without smoking.

CLASS Ice Mint by Bali is a cool menthol-infused e-juice that is sure to excite any taste bud. Its fresh lemon juice blends perfectly with its cold menthol for a refreshing vape experience. It’s also great for fruit lovers on a hot summer day.