Benefits of Hiring Commercial Locksmith Service

Commercial Locksmith Service provides a variety of security-related services for business owners. These include installation, rekeying, and repair of locks, safes, file cabinets, and panic exit devices.

Often times when you need your lock replaced or rekeyed, the process is less costly than replacing the entire lock. A commercial locksmith will be able to help you with this process quickly and efficiently.

Master key systems

Whether you’re a business owner or homeowner, a master key system offers a way to secure your property. It limits who can enter specific areas and acts as a deterrent for those who might try to steal or break into your property.

Master key systems are commonly used in multi-occupancy buildings and complexes to provide a high level of security for both residents and management teams. They also allow for easier maintenance and tracking levels of access within the building.

When designing a master key system, it’s important to consider who will be master key holders and what levels of access they’ll have. Creating a spreadsheet can help determine this.

Lock rekeying

Changing locks is a complex task that requires the use of specialized tools. Commercial locksmiths offer rekeying services that make the process much easier and cheaper. They can also help you design your security strategy moving forward.

When rekeying your locks, the locksmith will open up the lock cylinder and replace its pins with a different configuration. This will prevent the old key from working in the lock.

Rekeying is a great option for new homeowners who want to restrict access without having to buy and install a whole set of locks. In fact, rekeying is included in many American Home Shield home warranties!

Lock installation

Keeping a commercial property safe and secure requires high-quality locks. These locks must be strong enough to withstand regular use by many people, and they must be easy to maintain. Professional locksmiths can install these types of locks and provide routine maintenance services to keep them working properly.

A locksmith can also repair or replace locks that have been damaged by wear and tear. They can rekey cylinders in order to change the number of keys that can access a specific lock, and they can create new keys from existing locks.

Some locksmiths offer additional security options, such as panic exit devices, which go over emergency doors to prevent a human stampede in the event of a fire or other disaster. They can also install magnetic locks, which use magnets to lock doors and are very difficult to break into.

Panic exit devices

Panic exit devices (also known as panic hardware, panic bars, and crash bar) are required by fire codes and local ordinances for many buildings. They unlock doors opening to the outside and allow occupants quick unrestricted egress in case of emergency.

We offer a variety of different models, including rim panic bars (which mount on the door’s surface) and concealed vertical rod devices that look similar but are mounted inside the door frame. We also offer mortise lock panic devices that are sturdier and more secure.

Most of our panic devices feature “dogging,” which keeps the latch retracted during business hours and allows employees to keep control over who exits and enters. This is ideal for high traffic areas, like hallways used to transport carts and stretchers.

File cabinet locks

Many homes and businesses use file cabinets to store important documents and other items. However, the standard locks on these cabinets are often not robust enough to protect your valuables from outside forces or theft. Our experts can install stronger cabinet locks that fortify your files and other belongings. We also offer electronic locks that utilize codes from digits to letters, which open the lock mechanism when the correct code is entered.

A common weakness of factory installed desk and file cabinet locks is that they are keyed the same. This means that a single key can unlock dozens of file cabinets in your business.

Digital locks

Digital locks are a great option for business owners who want to increase their security. They are more difficult to break into than traditional lock systems and offer a lot of features such as visual verification, mobile phone alerts and time delay options. They also have little wear and tear, so they last longer than other lock systems.

These systems require the use of a pin code, RFID card or biometric identity to open them and provide secure access to your home or office. They can also be reprogrammed in case of an emergency or change in staff. They are ideal for high traffic areas where multiple people need to enter or exit at once.